Jack Andrew Smith

Nickname: Jackson
Date of birth: 17 December, 1998
Born: Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Lives: Perth, Australia and Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Family: Mother Michelle, father Andy - sisters Sophie Alexandra and Kellie. Uncle Paul, Auntie Trish - cousins Madison and India. Grandad Frank and late Grandmother June.

Hobbies outside speedway: Cycling, Fitness, Football, Travelling, Films and hanging with friends
Favourite films: Step Brothers; The 5th Wave and Fast & Furious
Favourite bands/artists: Nickelback; Eminem; Ed Sheehan; anything in the charts


2016: Birmingham, UK


2012: 1st place - 85cc WA State Title
2013: 4th place - 125cc WA State Title
2013: 1st place - 85cc Club Championship
2014: 1st place - 250cc WA State Title
2014: 1st place - 250cc Club Championship
2015: 1st place - 250cc WA State Title
2015: 6th place - 250cc World Longtrack Championship
2015: 1st place - 500cc Chum Taylor Cup
2015: 2nd place - 500cc WA u21 State Title
2015: 4th place - 500cc WA State Title
2015: Birmingham Brummies – National League Champions


Engines: Jawa
Frames: Jawa/Track Plus
Clutch: NEB
Wheels: FRP
Hubs: FRP
Boots: TCX
Helmets: Arai
Goggles: Oakley

Jack Smith